The Weather is Getting Dangerous

As fall nears the weather in the gaming world is turning. The days of beautiful sunshine and endless clear skies are quickly fading. It’s amazing how rain can affects a race. Many games praise their water effects as water is one of the toughest things to digitize but what’s even more difficult to simulate is the effect rain has on a car’s performance. We all know that wet roads are slick, but how does this slickness affect the handling? How does a wet road affect your car when you are fast approaching a corner? Drive Club answers these questions quite … Continue reading The Weather is Getting Dangerous

Racers Are Getting More Ballzy

In Red View County, Racers now daring us cops to chase them. Tearing up the streets My latest Rival Barulan is once again tearing up the streets in a very fast hyper car. After recovering the stole cop car he now runs around in a Mclaren P1; a hyper car design to go fast and faster around each corner you present it. The Chase is On I try my best the old Mclaren F1; a car that held the record as the fastest car in the world for 10yrs. However it’s just not quick enough which means I’m force back into … Continue reading Racers Are Getting More Ballzy