About Me

My name is John Matthew Shaw. I live in western North Carolina and a small city called Asheville. I was born and rise here for over 28yrs now. I love to game and love even more to work on the computer. I’m a writer, a musician, an artist, a web designer, and recently a broadcaster of video games. I have many talents and for much of my adult life I have kept these talents to myself but now I’m ready to share.


I’m an outgoing person and have found that there is very little that will upsets me. Mostly I keep to myself and let the stress wash over me. My friends continue to push for me to get out of the house and be more social. Going to the movies, walking downtown, or just a night at the bar are all things I do when we hang.  I also like to be challenged presented with task that are just over my abilities. Problem solving is where my mind is happiest and most productive.

Always Thinking of Ways to Improve

I’m always thinking. It’s why I have such a big head lol. There is always room for improvement and over the years I have really come to hate inefficiency; rather it be at work, at school, or even in my own life. The way I see it is if it can be improved it should be however please do not think that I’m some kind of elitist who only desires the latest and greatest. I never claim to be the best not even when a game. No I’m open to the opinions of others in fact I welcome it! There is no such thing as bad criticism there are only opinions.

I Have a Wild & Somewhat Dark Imagination

Within my mind there exist a world of great fantasy where dinosaurs still roam the earth, angry teenagers can become rampaging giants, and where animals walk and talk as we do. I even have a few dragons because what fantasy land would it be without Dragons. Though mind are from distance stars but possess incredible powers that can destroy worlds. I have hundreds of drawings and sketches, thousands of pages of stories, serial musical themes, and have even created a database to better keep track of these characters. You can learn more about these characters and the this world by checkout the creature log’s page


  • Academic Achievements
    • Computer Basic Certified
    • Web Designer Certified
    • Computer Programming Certified
  • Technical Skills
    • HTML 4.01, HTML 5, CSS3, JQuery, PHP, MYSQL, WordPress
    • Microsoft Office 2010, Photoshop CS6, Illustrator CS6, Fireworks CS6
    • Can type up to 30 words a minute
    • Can operate any game console on any TV
  • Websites created
    • Jon32mat.com (though I recently lost my domain due to some financial trouble)