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Welcome to the Fair N Lawful Hub. From here you can access all my videos, watch my livestreams on Twitch, read my game reviews, and stay up to date with all the happenings in the FnL world. Above is the Live feed from the Twitch Channel www.twitch.tv/roadhazor and below are brief descriptions of my popular episodes.  I also have a YouTube channel at youtube.com/fairandlawful. From their you can watch my monthly uploads of various game titles.

Twitch Episodes

Old School Racer

I been racing for year now every since the first Mario Kart and F-Zero. A lot has change since those days. Better graphics, better handling, more jumps, and more crashes racing has become it’s own genre. In these episodes I hop in the driver’s seat and take on the new blood using mostly car’s of my childhood which look better, sound better, and are more fun to drive. Before modding became the norm it was the driver that made the cars fast and I intend to revive that sentiment.

Glory of the Single Player

Before there was multiplayer there was single player and for a long time game developers would use this mode to take us on a grand adventure across great lands of fantasy and imagination. In these episodes we continue this tradition while playing single player experiences.

Retro Tours

Because current gen games are becoming more and more grind fest with loot crates and micro-transactions, I’m finding more enjoyment out of the retro. Games for decades ago yet still a blast to play and as an adult, one can come to appreciate the time and effort put into them. No waiting for updates, installing, connecting to the internet just simple plug and play fun. it’s how gaming was intended so seat back and enjoy the ride through nostalgia.