HAZor’s Game Library

I’m an avid gamer with racing games are my passion. They are also how I became a lover of cars and all things motoring. Checkout my Twitch Channel and watch me drive some of the world’s most exotic and famous cars. Need For Speed Rivals and The Crew are my current favorites though I would like to get into more simulated racing like in Forza Motorsports and Grand Turismo.  When not at the wheel of 1,000hp hypercar, I branch off to play some single player games to relive some of the glory days of gaming like Darksiders, The Last Guardian, and Journey.

Need for Speed Rivals

Need for Speed Rivals is the 20th installment of the famous racing series Need for Speed and in the last great title the company has made in my opinion. The has you choose between cop or racer each with their own unique paths and goals to accomplish in career mode. the taglines were “which side would you pick?”and “will you cross the line?” as it was implied that you  could either aid or hinder either sides progress. Overall the game shines best when playing with other player and when you forge a rivalry with another player, the need to compete is unmatched and gets you coming back.

Drive Club

This PlayStation 4 exclusive takes a look into the more professional side of racing. No repair stations or magic refilling boast bar here. To be fast on the track you gotta master the corners and conquer your fears of crashing. Drive Club is the NFS Shift of the new console generation. It has the realism of Forza Motorsport  and Grand Turismo without the demanding need for perfection. you can crash without damaging the cars performance yet the game still requires you to drive like the professionals.

Rocket League

Not all racing games are serious and realistic. Mario Kart is still the best racing game of all time and that’s about as realistic as watching kids playing with Hot Wheels. Rocket League its the Mario Kart equantent of the other two consoles. Before it became all marketed and loaded with sponsorship, it was a simple, addicting, and very amusing party game that has players playing soccer with rocket powered RC cars. released back in 2015 and after just one year was given it’s own E-Sport bracket something that has taken Forza years achieve. Even with all the added sponsorships and now Microtransactions, the core of the game is still fun, addicting, and very entertaining with friends.



Broforce is an indie game develope by Free Lives that takes gamers back the the old school side scrollers but with a modern twist and absolute chaos. What is Broforce? It is what happens when you take all the 70’s and 80’s action movies, put them in a game cartridge, then infuse the that cartridge with accelerated graphics and fantastic blood splatter.  This is how we in visioned those action movies back in the day and I love it.

Darksiders Series

The Darksiders series is a great example what happens when single player done is right. both installment have rich story and unique gameplay mechanics. Both are wrapped around worlds that are truly larger than life. In the first you play as War and in the second you play as Death but even as a horsemen of the apocalypse, the journey is not easy. War is framed for starting the apocalypse on Earth and Death struggles prove his innocence while fighting the forces of corruption.

The Last Guardian

I call this a flawed masterpiece and by that I mean it’s flawed in the game mechanics but as a work of art, it is beautiful. This is a complete shift from traditional platformers, story base, and even RPG genres. No Gaming hub of health bars, maps, or even objective list. it’s not even clear where you should go or even how to get there. The boy is not an all powerful being with insane physical abilities his just a boy in a lost world. As for Trico the mystical beast that you bond with, well… he has his own flaws as well, he is surprisingly easy to frighten, and while more than capable of moving around in the this lost world, requires a great deal of guidance and encouragement to do so. Words cannot express my true love for this game and despite the critics I highly recommend you play this title at else once.

Other Titles

  • Entwined
  • Valiant Hearts_The Great War
  • Miami Rex
  • Werewolf Tycoon
  • Burnout Paradise
  • Burnout 1- 4
  • Crazy Taxi 1-3
  • NFS Shift
  • NFS The Run
  • NFS since Hot Pursuit 2
  • Midnight Club 3
  • Midnight Club LA
  • GTA 4 & 5
  • Saints Row 4
  • Gears War 1- Judgement day
  • Halo 1, 3, 4
  • Uncharted 1 and 2