Creature Logs

This page is where you can learn a little bit more about my imagination and the various creation lurking within. From a noble grizzly bear the walks and talk like us to an ancient Jurassic giant who once was the guardian of a great king. My imagination is immense and continue to grow. Sometime too fast for me to keep up.

The Big Four

These four creatures have been brewing in my mind sent my days in middle school and even really since elementary. Each one has a unique origin that has and continues to evolve over time.

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Nicky Nightmare

Rampager Nightmare

Originally created as a Saturday Morning Cartoon Hero, Nicky is my first and longest (how should I say) lasting character in my imagination. Even now his character is still fresh in my mind though A LOT has change since the days of saturday morning heroics. For starters his is not a hero anymore but he’s also not a villain.

Nicky is a kid that has exhausted all other options and now has no choice but to destroy. After losing his daddy as a young teen when a drunk driver T-boned his car after running a red light, Nicky was never the same. When the courts merely sentence the drunk to 2 years in prison Nicky lost his temper and attack the man. his rage was understandable yet unsettling.  Years would past and life goes on. His mother soon found love again but Nicky refuses to call this new man a father. He graduates from middle school and now enters High school where he comes face to face with bully/thug by the name of Ryan Miller. It’s is then that Nicky and his friends are made aware of the school’s thug problem which is made even worse due to the fact that Ryan is the police chief’s son. With the officials’ hands tied and no teacher to shield him Nicky becomes Ryan’s punching bag over the course of the next two years.  The Unsettling rage with in him boils hotter with each beaten yet there is a light at the tunnel his best friend Derek and ICE a “school counselor” who office is either in the hallways of the school or at the BBQ Grill just south of the school however it’s unclear if ICE is actually the leader of a rival gang yet when he suddenly goes missing a war breaks out amongst the two gangs with Nicky caught in the middle of it. All seems lost until one morning Nicky wakes up and find a strange device around his arm. It looks like a watch but way more advance especially with the large buttons on either side of the clock face baring the omega symbol. When these two buttons are pushed Nicky soon discovers a means to solve his problem but at what cost.  “What would you do when no one is willing to help you?”

A typical day at Sundale High

Miguel Grizzly

Miguel Grizzly

Out of all my characters Miguel is probable the most human which is odd because he a 9ft tall 1,000lbs Grizzly Bear the walks and talks like you and me. In terms of The Big Four he was the newest member.

In the quiet and tranquil forest of Virginia, a noble grizzle bear adventures outside the forest while following the sweet and mouth water scent of a blue berry pie. The scent leads him into a small city name Haw Creek. After filling his belly with the delicious cluster, Miguel boldly decides to spend sometime in the city. Two years later and you can find this gentle giant working in the lumberyard across town. Woman named Gina humbly houses the grizzle while another woman by the name of Sarah puts him to work in her lumberyard. On the surface things look peaceful yet tensions within the town are mounting. More of these “beast” are appearing in other cities like Haw Creek forcing its population to house and support them. Soon the town folk force Miguel back into the forest where he is reunited with his canine friend Bone a Coyote hybrid Rescue Hound. As a pup he escaped the labs of Hunter.INC a private law enforcement agency that has developed a new breed of canine to better track down the missing. Their reunion however is a violent as it would seem time has not been good to the hound. His creators are after him and serial others for violently attacking humans. From the bushes then emerges a second hound. Razer a wolf hybrid that has seen what humans do those who get caught. Being the kind hearted gentle giant he is Miguel takes on the task of leading these hounds and eventually serial others to a more peaceful life.

Growler Glutton (King of the Glutton)

Growl Glutton

It’s hard to say which came first Nicky or Growl but both were a part of the Saturday Morning cartoon I played in my head after 12 a clock when the TV shows tuned off. If I had to guess where he inspiration came from I would say it was from King Koopa of the super mario bros super show though I never knew him to be much of a glutton at the dinner table. That was more of Yoshi thing yet yoshi’s voice was one I always hated. High pitch and alway weining. So Growls first looks was very King Koopa like yet he had Yoshi ravenous hunger.

I actually can go deeper with this because the look I gave him shortly after Super Mario was was given a stuff aGrowl animal for christmas back in the early 90’s. It was a santa dinosaur and me and my sister were each given one. Later I took hers and like growl moph him into and character by the name of Ember. So without further ado here’s the King of the Gluttons.

It was around the time of the mid jurassic when a new king was crowned. Inside has swollen belly the former king slowly digest and a new era begin. Growler or Growl for short is a ruthless king that rules with the same merciless fury as his hungry belly. In chanted with black magic by a mysterious dark lord his hunger has been giving life and as such con consume much more meat than you averager T-Rexs…except he’s not a T-Rexs or Red eyes as they called them. No Growl is Carnotaurus or Horn Nose and if you wish to remain on the outside of his belly you be wise to remember that. Actually most of the T-Rexs have been wiped out back this time yet he still called Red Eye by his enemies. Soon Growl establishes a palace and begins building his army gathering warriors from across the three great continents but when he acquires a  Spine Crowns  (spineosaur) of the jungles his army and kingdom explodes into new territory. Goliath is the warrior’s name and a fitting one as he is the biggest and strongest of the king’s elite warriors. It was only natural that growl would make this warrior his guardian ensuring that no one would be able to over throw him.

Talis Azuel

Talis Azuel

Finally we have Talis my Legendary Super Saiyan. Yes it’s true this dragon come directly from the DBZ universe. Out of all the villains in DBZ Broly is my second favorite next to Frieza. I know a majority of the fans don’t really care for him because in the movie he rarely spoke and the only reason he seem to attacks Goku is because baby Goku couldn’t shut up for 5mins. 4173974-brolyBut when you look beyond the awesome power and rippling muscles Broly actually has a tragic story. He was born with an unnaturally high power level that rivaled the King’s and as such was ordered to be killed to prevent the possibility of him taking over. His father tried to stop the killing but was blinded in one eye and ordered to be killed as well. Then Frieza came and blow up planet Vegeta. The planet’s destruction revived the child but caused him to become super saiyan which is a very painful experience for an adult and an unimaginable torture for a new born yet the transformation save him and his father. However Broly was now a monster in a baby’s body. His father tries to help him control his power but ultimately his power was going to break free of any restraint placed on it because unlike any other villain Broly never had the opportunity to contain his great power and that’s why I like him. He is rage at its purest. Even the more powerful Buu has some restraint when it comes to how power is used to destroy something where as Broly doesn’t have a governor. With him, his power is either all monster or all off. 

Sorry for the DBZ Lecture but I felt the need to explain my love for this character because of how he is often portrayed. The same generic stereotype can be applied to Buu or any other all power character who destroys first and chuckles second and that’s all there is to their dialog. Talis to some then is the same way. Born into Royalty this Blue Horn dragon of the high king and was destined to be a bringer of destruction. Blue Horns are rare as purple humans; they just don’t happen even though his father Titus is a dragon of blue scales, the last on to appear in the world was Talis Youth Coloredthousands of years ago when the world was young. Blue Horns are immensely powerful and incredibly strong. They’re the most agile in flight and love to battle. This makes them great warriors but it also makes them very difficult to fight alongside as they tend to lose control in battle and will start attacking the nearest warrior regardless of side. They great power can be a huge advantage in a tactile battle but can also wipeout both sides if the warrior is pushed to far.

His father united the kingdoms and rid the world the terrible Black Wing a breed of dragon that’s even rarer than those of blue. Talis and his 7 siblings were supposed to be a sign of good fortune for the land but his blue scales made some fear what awaits the kingdom in the future. There was hope however his brother a mix of green and blue was tasked by their father to train Talis to control his power. The task wasn’t easy but his brother did manage to teach him how to contain the power however like Broly Talis’s power was not one that would remain contained. Soon his power would reach a level beyond his brother’s and would continue to grow. This forced his brother to beg their father to assume the new role of help Talis contain the power. Titus however refused claiming the needs of his kingdom were mightier than the pleads of a simple child. This refusal would only  worsened Talis ability to contain his power and suddenly half the enemies warriors were being blown away in one blast. Giant craters where great land masses once stood were found outside the city. Then Talis started lose control while inside the city causing mass panic and a revoke from the people. After that like Broly, there is only one way this Dragon’s tale can end.