Long awaited update

So it’s has been awhile since I posted and worked on here. I’ve been elsewhere of Youtube building my channel and promoting works. Fair & Lawful is the name of the channel and I highly recommend you all check it out. More promoting I just can’t stop…anyway school is back in session and as such my post here are going to be somewhat varied depending on the assignment. I would like to wrap these assignment around the whole cars that impress theme but I can’t make any promises. These are my last two classes before I get my degree in … Continue reading Long awaited update

February Updates

Improving, Updating, Exploring


I’m not sure if I mentioned this before I have a YouTube Channel and today I added a Channel Trailer which was both fun and something I have been wanted to do for a while.


Broadcasting my gaming to the world is quickly become a personal mission for me. Since the holidays I have add two new games to my broadcast. Forza Horzion 2 and now The Crew. Both are excellent racing titles with a unique experience. Horizon is all about the perfect road trip while The Crew is all about self gratification and become number in America.

Starting to really enjoy Graphic Design

All this broadcasting, video creating and poster making really brings a joy to my heart. I use to think coding websites and programming functions was what I enjoyed most about computers but now with my degree leading me down the treacherous road of plugins and complex web designs, I gotta say it’s become more restricting in what I can actually do without banging my head into the computer.

But there is one aspect of web development that I have come to love and that is the graphic design part of it. Turning simple shapes into complex vinyl’s is what I often spend my time doing in Forza Horizon and is my drawing style when given pencil and paper. I also love manipulating images with Photoshop like the NFS Gathering Poster. It’s so much easier and there is much more freedom to create graphic than to code websites. I’m always looking of ways to improve my broadcast to improve my highlights. The PS4 allows it’s users to quickly record and save game footage as way as take screenshots which is how I got all of my gaming images for this blog yet now I have a surplus and I’m not sure what to do with all this material.

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