Sonic Adventure Character Tour: Tails

Fox Boy Can Venture

Sonic Adventure was a true game changer. True their were other 3-D sonic games before this one, but this was the one that took sonic to the next level. 6 characters, 4 worlds, a ton of levels to play, a gripping story, and a few inspirational moments. This was Sonic grandest adventure.

I intended to play through each character’s story and discuss what each character means to me. there much debate over this game and sonic in the 3-D realm. would love to hear that cons as to why many think he doesn’t work in the 3-d realm. I say he does but Sega just doesn’t believe is him and can’t stick to a consistent format.

Tails has been labelled as just player 2, sonic’s annoying side kick but in Adventure he breaks out and reveals himself to be a brave and crafty hero who love for flying takes him to new heights. The first half of his adventure is spent trying to prove he can keep up with sonic but when the two are separated during a fight with The Eggcarrier, he discovers that he actually doesn’t need Sonic to be there to be the hero.

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