Sonic 2: A wild Ride From The First

Where as Sonic 1 was a frustrating and tedious platformer that required absolute focus to complete an act, Sonic 2 is much more relaxed. There is a lot more room to run, to spin, and enjoy the thrill of going fast. Platforming is still there particularly in the last three zones yet even here there are sections that still allow Sonic to become a blue blur on the screen.

Chemical Plant is my favorite zone. It’s music is addicting to listen to especially the Sonic Generations’ Classic Mix through the only thing that seems to have change is the drums are a lot louder. Still this one change makes for an addicting listening. Casino Night is the zone that started adding elements that made Sonic even more fun. slot machines, bumpers that add points to the overall score, and secret bonuses that can only be found if the player slows down and explores.

The final boss where Sonic at last faces Robotnick in is ultimate fighting machine unfortunately took much longer for me to beat. I had 10 lives and 2 continues so it should have be a piece of cake however, it was either my poor handling of the controller or the game deciding that curtain jumps would no longer equal a hit on Robotnick that cost me all but one life after 30 minutes. So with one life left and my nerves spooked, I resulted to the coward’s approach. This meant I was waiting to attack just as the robot takes off which meant I only was hitting him once every time he landed. Looking back I now see that the problem was I wasn’t jumping high enough to avoid the spike hands as he approaches me. 7 minutes later and at last the behemoth falls and I beat the game.

Regardless I still had fun replaying this classic. Some argue that Sonic 2 is the best Sonic game ever made and with the addicting multiplayer I can see their reasoning however for me the greatest Sonic game is Sonic 3. The multiplayer is a huge step down form Sonic 2 but the single play is more flush out giving all three characters different routes to take. The zones are much better to look at and run around in. There also more interactive which means replaying them never gets dull. Most love the doomsday and Hyper Sonic extra for collecting all 7 Chaos Emeralds but for me the epic battle between Knuckles and Mecha Metal Sonic was far more intense especially with Angel Island falling the in background.

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