Sonic 1 Is A New All Time Favorite

As modern games become more and more cash grabs that are only interested in wasting the player’s time unless they shell out more money for instant rewards, The retro and classics games are seeing a new surge in popularity. Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Spyro Reignited, Crash Bandicoot are all seeing rebirths in the modern gaming era. Even Sonic the spiky blue hedgehog has join this renaissance with a movie and before that a little game called Sonic Mania.

Sonic Mania released in 2017 was a fan made game and returned the Blue Blur to the classic 2D side scroller with a modern twist. The game got high praise and coming the following year, there was a DLC pack that added two new characters, a new story mode, and a more robust multiplayer. This is where my journey begins. I enjoyed Sonic Mania Plus so much that I decide to journey back to classics to remember how we got here. This Journey would take serial months as not all sonic games are alike. The Journey however hit a sag when I came to play the first Sonic.

One would expect the first game in a series to be a bit unpolished and a bit different from the the latest and greatest. What’s not expected is a game that wants to more than anything wants to kill you and make you suffer until you begin to play the game like it wants you to. Sonic 1 is game that must be play with an extreme amount of focus. There are no save files, no spin dash, no homing attack, no casino night to earl extra lives in one act. No this is old school platforming and despite his speed that only way to use it is by playing the game over and over again until you know each zone and have discovered the fastest route.

I live streamed my journey some time ago but finally got around to editing the broadcasts; boosting the audio, cutting out the extra, and emphasizing key moments throughout my 6 week struggle. Yes 6 weeks that how long it took me yet because of that struggle Sonic 1 is now my all time favorite game.

Sonic The Hedgehog 1991

1st Attempt: Boot camp
2nd Attempt: The Struggles Begin
3rd Attempt: Water Logged
4th Attempt: Reach For The Stars
5th Attempt: So Close
6th Attempt: Beaten!
7th Attempt: Grand Finale

8 thoughts on “Sonic 1 Is A New All Time Favorite

    1. Marble Zone because out of all of them it has and continues to be the most challenging. I expect Scrap Brain to be challenging being the final level but after blasting through Green Hill with fun and laughs, it’s strange to enter next level and suddenly not have any of that


      1. Oh that had the guilltine type things and the lava yes that certainly was challenging, think I’id used most of my lives by the end of that one.


  1. I used to play this so much when I was in single digits, until we got the sequel and the sonic & knuckles games. This one always seemed so hard, can’t believe you finished it!


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