Happy New Year 2020

The new year is here and already it’s starting strange with an unusually warm winter here in the mountains of North Carolina. The tourist and young folks love this heat wave but for those who were born and raise here, a mild January comes a very cold February. Expect a late snow either in April or even May so, don’t break out the shorts just yet.

As for me, well it’s been a rough 3 months if I’m honest. In October I had a bit of a money scare that has since subsided for the most part. As a result however, I’m now working two jobs which has cut my free time down to hardly any. Currently I’m looking to replace my morning job due to the ever growing stress of working there. I would like something outside of retail as retail has worn me out with the sales, marketing, shady tactics of up selling products to customers.

Really it’s all becoming too much.

It’s hard to describe but I can sense a change happening within me like the turning of a page in the book of life. Gaming is no longer is my passion and I feel soon within the next 2 years or so I will put down the controller for good. The current gen titles especially have become less and less fun with more developers pushing more money grabbing tactics like loot crates, micro-transactions, season passes, and now subscriptions within games. They continue to crave away the gaming experience chiseling away at the player’s patients until we have no choice but to buy their instant rewards just to progress. There is no respect for the player’s time, effort or even loyalty just more premium content that will cost the player more money.

Thankfully however the indy marketing is filling the void and providing a fun alternative but sadly, I just don’t have the time to play them. So for now I’m sticking to what I know and what I’ve been having the most fun with. Cities Skylines is where I game mostly now. I have it both on PC and console with PC being the superior version yet, I have enjoyed the console version as well. The biggest argument in favor of console, is that both PS4 and Xbox One are more than capable to run the game even after hitting 100,000cims where as PC, requires a basic gaming PC to run on minimal settings. The lack of mods provide a challenge to gameplay requiring players to get a better understanding of the problems when they arise. I go into more details of this in a later post.

NFS Rivals the game that started my streaming career and my favorite Need for Speed on the current gen is still alive and kicking. It’s been 7 years since it release in 2013 and is still been played by millions of players. There are many reasons for this but I think the main reasons is because the newer titles just aren’t as fun and players want fun not a grind feast. More on this is my Review NFS Heat. That being said however, I don’t stream Rivals much anymore. Again I don’t have much free time but occasionally, I’ll post a good chase when I encounter one. The Money Glitch still works and I’m more than happy to help new players do it. Just hit me up on ether my PSN: RoadHAZor or in the comments of my YouTube videos.

Yoshi’s Island is my single player gem. It’s been a long time since a game has made me feel like I’m on a grand adventure; exploring mysterious worlds and fighting off the forces of evil. The game captures the sweet spot of a grade school art project and really fun gameplay. They really don’t make games like this anymore and it’s a real shame.

Outside of gaming and work this year I’m going to try to have a more social life. Get out of the house, meet new people, and do new things. For too long time I have been an island in a lonely sea hiding my true self under mask after mask. This is sometimes out of fear, sometimes out of a lack of trust, sometimes just because I don’t think anymore would care but, I can no longer hide myself anymore. It’s getting in the way of what I want in life.

I’m tire, and I’m tire of being tire.

I’m tire of worrying every week if I can afford to live comfortably. I’m tire of telling everyone everything is good but it isn’t. I’m tire of not being able to share either because I’m too afraid or because I just don’t trust people.

(A depressing series of thoughts I know) but it’s how I feel which is why more than ever I need to leave the island and explore the oceans so to speak. So to these are my New Years Resolutions for 2020

  1. Begin the long and difficult journey of getting out of debt
    • I have a plan to achieve this within the next five years
  2. Find a job I’m both happy and passionate about
    • It’s no longer a job if you enjoy doing it
  3. Start dating and meet new people
  4. Finally It’s time to share

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