Royal Gathering

Recently I brought some music software that allows me to record music from my Yamaha keyboard to the PC and as such I can now share some of my music to the public. This is a 2 min tease of what I’m calling my FIRST composed song.

(In truth I have many others that I have created and saved on the keyboard however their in midi format which is difficult to share unless you have a midi device to play them on.) 

So this song is called “Royal Gathering” and is the theme song for Talis Azura a dragon warrior from a distance star. Check out my creature logs to find out more about him. In short he carries within a great power that he can not fully control and when enraged will lose control and go on a destructive rampage. He is also the son of a king hence the royalty. Things don’t play out well for the noble warrior and ultimately he destroys his home world killing all he once held dear.

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