inFamous: First Light Part 4

The final chapter is here at last and what a journey. This may be the first projects I have stay with to the end. From broadcasting and editing, to posting and blogging about it. As for the game, Fetch has become my new favorite character. I’m sure some will say she is just another female troop that doesn’t contribute anything to the strong female protagonist argument but throughout my editing I have come to adore her love for her brother and Her brother’s love for his sister. It’s heart warming which makes his kidnapping all the more heart wrenching when you realize he is the one thing keeping her from losing control over her powers.

Yet even with her neon powers, Fetch is still a flawed character as the world around her constantly tries the break her whether it be from cops, the gang war she taking part in, or the DUP and Augustine. The world wants her to snap to better harness her abilities in order to boost their agendas yet all Fetch wants is her brother and for it all end. Her story is a dark and honesty depressing tale of desperation, isolation, and aberration. At the end of the game she loses her brother and while she does avenge him by killing Shane, she inadvertently forever dooms herself to be a monster in the eyes of public. She may have aided Desmond the end of the Second Son to take down Augustine and DUP but she will still be chased by cops for her crimes as a DUP agent.

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