inFamous First Light Part 3

Part 3 of this 4 part series and we’re half way through the story. The action is still fun and addicting while the story takes a dark turn into the depths of human desperation. I will continue to say this DLC has a much better focus on the main game’s over all theme of terrorism, isolation, and accepting the consequences of your actions. Thurs Fetch has become a new favorite character of mine. I would love to see her in the game as the main protagonist if this there is going to be a sequential to Second Son.

Of the three characters in the main game, she is the most developed and the one I feel most for when things get harry. She also has an interesting backstory abandon by her parents and force to live on the streets with her brother. She’s a drug addict, has no reason to trust the rest of humanity and now has been turned into a weapon by Augustine


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