infamous First Light Part 2

Part 2 of my four part stream of inFamous First Light. I amazing how the DLC does a much better job at telling  a story versus the main game. Fetch despite her powers is a flawed character with some deep emotional and psychological trauma. Dasmond the protagonist of the the main game is just a rebellious punk who like who likes to break the rules and paint graffiti on public buildings. Throughout Fight Light however there is a struggle between Fetch’s sanity and the lurking madness that is just a murder away from bursting free.

Along with the story Fight Light also does a better job with exploration and crucially the fun factor. The orb races and collecting the red orbs floating in the air is addicting. I also like the “graffiti art” that Fetch paint with her neon powers. These no stupid mortal choice before painting just what where is on her mind which is how it should be.  You can see much more of this in part 1

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