Jamming on my Keyboard

In my quest to do more on this blog I going to now share with you one of my many talents. When I was young our house had a piano and my mom made it her mission to had me learn how to play it. 20yrs later and I now play on my keyboard a regular basis.

Gospel was for a long time my primary genre as I come from a religious family and up until my 20s I played regularly at my church for the youth choir. After that I branch away and starting learning how to play game music with Sonic, Mario, and Donkey Kong being the first titles I learned how to play. DKC 2 in particular is my all time favorite. I can play nearly all the levels on my keyboards with Barrel Bayou, Hot Head Bop, and now Wasp Hive being the most fun to play. Ice Craven is by far the most beautiful to play and listen to while Crocodile Cacophony is a journey into creepyville.


You can watch and listen to my version of Barrel Bayou here. I also uploaded a remix of Bowser’s battle in Tetris Attack for the Super Nintendo. Recently I did a tutorial for Sonic 3 / Sonic & Knuckles Mini Boss which isn’t necessary a hard song to play but is abit surprising and how you get it to sound the way it does. Check it out here and let me your what you think.

I really shouldn’t be ashamed of this talent and I’m now making an effort to share it with the world. I have also oh course compose my own works both for my fantasy creatures  found here on my Creature Log page and from me just being in a curtain mood.


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