Beginners Guide To The Cop Career In NFS Rivals

This is a player’s guide for those who have just started the COP CAREER in NFS Rivals for the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. If you prefer to be a racer then click here to see my beginner’s guide for the RACER CAREER.

Before I begin however, I need make a disclaimer in regards to how I patrol vs how the majority of player cops patrol. In short I patrol with the intention of being FAIR to racers while at the same time maintaining a LAWFUL presence. Hints the channel name FAIR N LAWFUL. Admittedly, there is an easier and more efficient way about being a cop in Redview however, I personally find that method way too easy to master and way too overpowering towards racers.

So with that say, let’s us begin

Filling Your Quota

Unlike the RACER CAREER, the only way to unlocks new cop cars is by completing speedlists. There are 3 different factions of cop cars but as a beginner the differences between them are meaningless and only really start becoming important at the Advance and Pro skill level.

Actually a lot of the beginner speedlists can be completed simply by driving around and pursuing random racers on the road. For each speedlist completed, RCPD will grant you access to new cars, and new pursuit tech.

  • Take some time to carefully read each task on the speedlist to understand what you are being required to do

Law Enforcement Is Expensive

SP or Speed Points is the in-game currency that allows players to buy pursuit tech. This SP is earn by completed speedlist and busting racers while on patrol. As a cop the need for SP is even more important because cop pursuit tech is twice as much as racer pursuit tech. In the Racer Career Guide I have already covered How to make SP quickly and those suggestion apply here as well. It is worth mentioning that cops do not have a heat multiplier to multiply your SP earnings during patrol so you will have to grind for longer to acquirer more SP.

  • I recommend after completing a speedlist, remain out on patrol and try make at least 100,000 in SP before cashing in.
    • SP count can be found at the top center of the screen just below the rearview mirror
    • It will ensure you have enough for a few upgrades
    • Plus if you let the SP build overtime, you’ll be able to afford the higher end upgrades for the higher level cop cars

Weapons & Car Choices

Now I know I said earlier that the 3 cop factions don’t matter but in this case, knowing a little about each faction could help determine what weapons to equip.

    • Made for speed, acceleration, and has the best balance between strength, handling, and durability
    • Made to battle and destroy with low acceleration but improved strength and durability
    • Made to be like a street racer’s car but with cop lights on the inside and a higher handling factor at the cost of some durability

Again it’s not crucial to know the differences between these factions but knowing a little about their differences could help in your decision for weapon choice

  • If you want to equip EMP, then equipped it to a PATROL cruiser rather than an ENFORCER as the acceleration will help you stay on target before it fires
  • If you want to equip SPIKE STRIPS, then put them on an UNDERCOVER cruiser as the handling boost will allow you to place them more precisely and it will an unexpected surprise for the racer behind you
  • If however you want to be a unstoppable tank, then equip SHOCK RAM & ESF to the ENFORCER cruiser and watch as it’s added strength and durability destroys a racer’s health bar in seconds

The EASY Way To Success

There are many different ways to tackle the racer career but only one efficient way to complete the cop career.

  1. Take any cop car in the garage
    • Doesn’t matter which faction
  2. Equipped SHOCK RAM & ESF to that car
  3. When patrolling, span these weapons till racer or racers are all busted
  4. REPEAT [1 ~ 4]

This method will satisfy a good majority of the speedlists within the cop career with the exception of those that require a specific weapon to be used. It’s also the most successful way to takedown an online racers which is why most if not all player cops with the exception of myself, apply this method to their patrols. The weapon combo delivers the most amount of damage for the least amount of effort. The only drawback is that you have to be in close range however, after completing the cop career, RCPD will grant you use of the K:One or Koenigsegg One:1 RCPD’s most powerful cruiser.  with it you will have no problem getting up close and personal with your targets. The K:One is free to download from the Xbox and PlayStation Stores but is ONLY “drivable” after completing the story mode on either side of the career mode.


I personally don’t like this method because I feel it dumbs down the experience and turns you into law enforcement tyrant.  To some however this method makes for a more fun and entertaining game which from a viewer’s standpoint, that made in fact be true however as a racer on the receiving in of this method, you will find it frustrating, annoying, and will eventually rage quit by the sheer unfairness of it.


And that ends the Beginner’s guide as a cop in NFS Rivals. Later I’ll post the immediate, Advance, and Pro guides where we dive deep into the wild and crazy world of online multiplayer. Until then however let me know in the comments what you think of this guide or if you have any suggestions for beginners.

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