Beginners Guide To The Racers In NFS Rivals

This is a player’s guide for those who have just started the RACER CAREER in NFS Rivals for the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. If you prefer to be a racer then click here to see my beginner’s guide for the COP CAREER.

So we start at the beginner level which for some is the make or break experience that either makes them won’t to keep playing or immediately return the game. Starting with the RACER CAREER, the first tip I recommend and really would recommend for all skill levels is to enter the single player mode as by default, Rivals will automatically put players into an online match right after completely the tutorials. This could result in constant frustration because a player cops keep wrecking you out thus keeping as you from making any progression.

NFS Rivals still has a single player mode that can be easily accessed through the main menu screen. Once there you’ll find progression much easier and much quicker allowing you to build your skills and abilities so that you are ready to battle online. Back in the day, these two modes were always kept separate allowing those who just brought a game to prepare themselves for the harsh and unbalanced world of online gaming.

Accessing Single Player

  1. Press START on the controller
    • (If already in the garage then skip this step and began with STEP 2)
  2. RT BUMPER to the ALL DRIVE Menu
  3. SELECT All Drive Settings
  4. Under Matchmaking Settings: D-PAD RIGHT Till you reach the single player option
  5. PRESS Y if on Xbox and TRIANGLE if on PlayStation to confirm setting
  6. You’ll then be asked if you are sure PRESS A if on Xbox and X if on PlayStation
  7. The game will then enter a load screen and when it come back, you are in Single Player Mode

Getting Defensive

My next tips are two folds both dealing with defense. It is unavoidable that you will eventually encounter cops on your journeys through Redview and if online you definitely come across a player cop driving a 2000hp speed machine with tank like weapons and rushing towards you like a surface to air missile.   As a beginner the likelihood of surviving these encounters is slim but here are two ways to better your chances.

  1. Equipped a JAMMER to your car
    • It doesn’t deal damage to the cops chasing you but instead disables their weapons for a brief amount of time which if combined with a TURBO can allow for quick escapes
  2. Upgrade your STRENGTH and DURABILITY first before your top speed
    • No point in being fast if you can’t take a hit. Upgrade these to level 3 or more to give yourself an extra layer of protection that just may be the key to your survival.

This may go against the norms of speed and power but in the interest of progressing through the career mode or even to earn enough money to upgrade your car to its highest level, doing these two things will benefit you far greater in the long run. The jammer also disables the weapons of fellow racers and scrambles the GPS map allowing for a quick U-Turn without being noticed; an Advance escape treat that few take advantage of.

Become a Map Reader

This tip like single player is one I would recommend across all skill levels. Learning where things are on the map is crucial to your ability to get to places quickly. No point is being the fastest in the world with you only have one way to get from A to B OR B to C OR even from C back to A. I realized that it’s easy to get tunnel vision from the high speed and cop on racer action but trust me, knowing where things are on the map will benefit you greatly.

  1. Repair Stations are gas stations that repair your car and refill your nitrous bar.
    Repair Stations
    • They are scattered across all of Redview County but each have a different way to drive through them.
    • It’s that last part that is the most difficult to remember as some are merely off to the side of the road while others have a barrel between them in the road and even still, some are actually on the inside of a corner after a long straight which at 268 mph can become an easy miss if not prepared.
    • The Map shows the locations to these life saviors and you even GPS to them through the EASY DRIVE Menu at the TOP LEFT of the screen
  1. Hideouts or Safe Houses are the only places where a racer is safe from the cops.
    • They are also the only way to SAVE your progress as leaving the game beforehand will ERASE all progress made in that session
    • Like repair stations, hideouts can be GPS through EASY DRIVE


Making Fast Money

Being the old school gamer that I am, I have always made any in-game money or credits the old fashioned way through grinding and multiple playthroughs. To me this is the best and most satisfying way to make the money regardless of the game however, I’m aware that not everyone has the time or patience to sit down and grind for hours or days or even months to achieve crazy money status so, here are the many ways to make fast cash in NFS Rivals.

  1. Buy the Time Savior Pack from Xbox or PlayStation Stores
    • Cost $9.99 in REAL MONEY and with it you can have everything unlocked: cars, weapons, vinyls, everything except the story missions. This apples to the cop career as well
  2. Money Glitch which technically is the fastest way to make money however…
    • It’s hard to say if it still works
    • Requires you to know someone who knows how to do it
  3. Donut Chasing or battling cops while driving around the same repair station until desired money amount is achieved.
    • This is the most tedious way in my option taking up to 20 minutes to complete and comes with the highest risk of losing everything after just one crash
    • It also puts you in  the direct line of fire for player cops to attack

Make It Your Own

Lastly despite the lacking of customization options, NFS Rivals still has some customization to play with. You can paint a car whatever color you want, you can paint the rims, and have over a hundred vinyl options to choose from though unlike Forza you can’t transform them or layer them up.  Still, these vinyls are there and all cost just 1,000sp so it’s not a huge expense to try different ones. There also car wraps that cover the entire car in cool graphics costing between 5,000sp to 20,000sp and while they require you to complete multiple speedlist to unlock them, it’s worth the effort.  The point I’m making, is that as a racer you can still make your cars unique even with limited customization and by all accounts you should because that’s the point of being a racer. Street Racing is about expressing your own unique personality and style while driving a machine whose sole purpose is wow the crowd and put the cops to shame.

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And that ends the Beginner’s guide as a racer in NFS Rivals. Later I’ll post the immediate, Advance, and Pro guides where we dive deep into the wild and crazy world of online multiplayer. Until then however let me know in the comments what you think of this guide or if you have any suggestions for beginners

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