New Videos Added

As I continue to work though my vast collection of pursuits from the fall of last year, I have at last reach the best of the best. We had 5 chases that were all in number 1 ranks for August, September, and October. Starting with a gamer named Crazy Cow (although I now see that it’s actually Crazy Crow) but Crazy Cow is funnier so that’s what we’re going to go with.

Pursue with Restraint

Anywhere, we start with a chase I’m calling Pursue with Restraint. Here I exercise a great deal of restraint in that I don’t use my weapons and instead rely on the AI backup and my driving ability to catch the suspect. This restraint is rarely seen and to some makes for rather boring match but I disagree as many games back in the day, would limit what weapons or abilities you could use during certain events which provided a unique challenge that really tested your ability to adopt. The same is true here and for me this restraint provides a more challenging but exciting experience.


Next we have the sequel Restraints Wins Again as Crazy Cow returns but is now raging like mad bull after getting busted. This would normally result in a nonsensically battle around a repair station with weapons blasting across screen like New Year Eve fireworks show for serial minutes. This has become the more traditional way a pursuing in NFS Rivals and while more exciting for the young generation, I not a big fan of it and thus again I exercise a great deal of restraint. I hold back both my weapon fire and my distance to allow the mad bull to calm down and eventually he lead us away from the freeway and into the winding and twisting roads of the countryside.


The remaining three chases are all the complete opposite of restraint; FORCE! Duel is exactly that a duel between players. Taquil originally took me takeout with rather explosive finish but now we battle across the freeway causing all sorts of chaos and mayhem. Even on surface streets the duel rages on until eventually decides to gun it and speed off towards his hideout.

The last two belong Barulan my fierce rival and dear friend who throughout the fall of last year, provide some of my best chases from the record breaking Marathon Run of 27 mins in August, to the epic Camaro VS Mustang Brawl in September. October however was where he shined the most. Originally titled A Storm to Remember, this was a three part spectral. We start with a rivalry side by side roll out that then leads to an in game hot pursuit, that finishes and later becomes one of the most intense chases I’ve have ever had. I split the action into three parts with the side by side rivalry start being produced into an origin tribute for a later date while Chaotic Hot Pursuit and An Epic Chase are uploaded and ready for viewing.


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