New Logo

Introducing, FnL’s New Logo. Finally it’s here after months of consideration I finally found the time to redesign the channel logo. I also discovered a matching font thanks to dafont and now have a more structured color scheme with the help of Adobe Kuler.

(1st-attempt)-FnL-Scratch-BrainstormI really like how this design turned out with the hardest part being what to put in the middle. The letter N was always going to be the center focus since for a while now I have always referred to my channel as either FnL and Fair N Lawful rather than Fair AND Lawful or using the & symbol.

With that settled it was just a matter of getting the words in the right place. FAIR would be on the right and LAWFUL would be on the left. I played around with their orientation from the F in FAIR starting at the top of the right rectangle to being at the bottom and vice versa for the L in LAWFUL. (3rd-attempt)-FnL-Scratch-BrainstormI also considered stacking each word so that each letter was stacked on top of each other but this wasn’t very readable.
Finally there was the matter of the middle stripe. Here I tried having the two side overlap it, I tried putting the & in the middle of it, even considered putting flashing lights along its length. I then thought about cops and all that associates with them and since cops will caution off a crime scenes with caution tape, I thought maybe make the middle a strip of caution tape. It worked…well…almost, as the traditional caution tape with words across it clashed with overall look and the caution stripes seen on heavy equipment also clashed.(2nd-color-attempt)-FnL-Scratch-Brainstorm

So I struggled trying everything in the world to find a solution; changing fonts, text sizes, orientation, font color, and different caution tapes, but nothing matched what I had envisioned.  So I just decided to take a break from it and play some Sonic the Hedgehog 3. (A great and surprising challenging game.) After beating Robotnik,  I returned and removed the caution tape but kept the same color in the stripe. I then type the letters FnL and behold Victory at last! I then scaled the letters up, added some shading to all the shapes, thicken the borders around the rectangles, and overlapped the middle to join the two together.

The logo was finished and matched what I had envisioned.

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