Player Pursuit Revisions March 2016

This week I have gone back and did some revisions on the collection of chases from the month of March. Now you may ask I’m revising March first instead of February? Well February was genesis for me and the whole FnL channel and I want to maintain that genesis appearance. Beside the only video in that mouth I really want to revise is Gemini: The One That Got Away especially now that Twitch has improved its video output quality.

Teamwork In Rivals


So March of 2016 was an incredible month to be a cop in Need for Speed Rivals. Teamwork was the theme on both sides of the law and with the help of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One capture cards as well as Twitch’s streaming service, I managed to capture some great moments of teamwork. Later I would divide these teamwork moments into two categories Tag Team Terror for the racer side and The RCPD Wolfpack for the cop side. Both are extremely fun and exciting to take part in. On the racer side the goal is to protect your teammate from pursuing officers allowing them to escape while on the cop side, officers must work together to catch a fleeing suspect.

Intense Rivalries

Me Vs Barulan

There was also some rivalry that month between me and a guy calling himself LOF and oh course Barulan who for once is not driving a stolen police cruiser but is still  very fast and very dangerous. On a side note this may have been the last time LOF was an active racer as in the months that followed he has switch to being a cop and has become valuable backup.

Nova square off
Me Vs Nova

But nothing beats a classic chase where it’s one on one, cop vs racer in the dead of night with empty freeway to run across, and deserved country roads to race through. Nova aka (Bestlilsisever) is a speed demon that only the fastest cops are going to be able to catch. Another side note here is that this made be the best driving performance I’ve had while in the Hennessey Venom GT a hypercar that refuses to corner at any speed. On that note this was one of the best chases of 2016 for its classic feel before weapons and performance outputs mattered and all that matter was the players ability to get away

Who Are The RCPD Wolfpack?

The dream team has arrived. All racers beware!
RCPD’s Wolfpack Pursuers

Lastly we have an example of what Need for Speed Rivals is all about. Here we have 1 racer leading 3 elite cops in a high speed chase across all of Redview County. We also have party chat which allows us to hear panic and struggles of said a racer trying to get away. An epic chase and yet another one to add to the greatest chases of 2016. Since then I haven’t really seen this type of pursuit anywhere else as most racers believe the best way to escape the police is by going up and down the freeway. This however is a very limited and very predictable strategy that only works if the cop doesn’t crash into you when you turn back around.

Most of my revisions for March’s Top 5 were simply a new more focus intro and the deletion of the story segments at the beginning of each video in a effort to make them shorter and more engaging. For the Wolfpack episode however, I also added a tournament style hub at the bottom of the video to show who all was involved in the chase. I also made their introductions more noticeable pausing the video to make their presence the center focus.

Overall I like these revisions and this journey down memory lane as it has reopened my eyes to old ideas and unique concepts as well as some damn good chases.

Here is the link to the playlist: March Top 5 Player Pursuits REVISIED

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