Marathon Run

Here it is the record breaking pursuit of the fall.  Marathon Run is a 27 minute chase between me and my rival Barulan. Seriously this was a LONG, frustrating, and nerve racking chase and yet I loved every sec of it. Barulan is the only racer out there that puts me on edge when I’m playing Need for Speed Rivals. Most racers are predictable when chasing them. They have a pattern about their driving and even use of pursuit tech. Barulan however does not at least not anymore

Need for Speed™ Rivals_20160608214053

He once was predictable in that he always drove a stolen cop car, would drop spikes stripes in the repair stations, and was very very fast at the wheel. He leave pursuers in a flash keeping them at a constant 1 mile distance away from him.

Lately however he has become more erratic with surprise attacks behind blind corners, placing spikes strips in the apex of corners, and constantly watching the healthbar meters of his pursuers. Once their health hits the halfway mark, he goes on the attack and if their not prepare for that they are going down around the next corner. but amazingly he has maintain his insane speed and handling at the wheel. Many people from both cop and racer argue that those who drive the stolen cop car lack skill, but from my 4 years of playing this game I have to disagree.

Koenigsegg Agera R Patrol Cruiser

The stolen cop car is a Koenigsegg Agera R one of the fastest cars in the world with a million dollar price tag on it. Way too expensive for any real police department to own let along outfit for police work unless your Abu Dhabi. In the game however it is available to the racer when they enter the Sheep and Wolves chapter of the story mode. the car is fast both in top speed and acceleration but is a bit twitchy in the handling department. being a cop car it has incredible strength and durability as well as carrying two of the cops deadliest weapons Shock Ram and Spike Stripes.

Shock Ram is like a compress air cannon mounted to the front of the car. When activated the racer is hit with a compress blast of air that either spins them out or temporarily makes their vehicle unstable. Spike stripes are well…spikes that fall out the back of the car and cover the road with tire shredding spikes and while the car’s tires do reinflate the car still take a massive amount of damage.

Road of Spikes

It easy to cause chaos on the streets and wreak out many cops when driving this car However, because it’s a stolen police car the cop’s use of force is increase 10 fold. We’ve seen this in real life cops don’t like having their cars stolen and will bring the entire department in to recapture a stolen cruiser. The same is true here and when a racer reaches level 10 heat in this car, I can tell you from experience the only way to escape that level of police force is to drive fast. At heat level 10 you can have roadblocks made entirely of spikes stripes that expend the full width of the road or interstate. There were be on average at least two choppers above you who will drop spike stripes  randomly in front of you. The AI cops will not only keep up with you but will actively attack you with their weapons and ram you off the road and if you stick to the same road eventually you will get box in and get busted.

Charred Suspects

That’s just the cop AI when you then add in the very missle like mentality of player cops, the need to get away is even higher. Every player cops that I have met follows the same pattern and that they only drive the fastest car in the game equipped with the most powerful weapons in the department, and when a racer appears on their screen, they will charge headlong toward them like a ground to air strike missile leaving only a crater and the charred remains of what once was a suspect.

The end of chase
Brutal Player Cop Takedown

I am amazed by just how brutal player cops are when catching a suspect. No rules, no restraint or concern for the public, just straight on attack mode. Now I realise that this is just a game and in truth the game encourages this attack mode mentality with the story being centered around police brutality however being the sentient beings playing this game I would think we would be more considerate for a our fellow man. (or maybe that’s just me)

Regardless, when you add in the player cops suddenly escape becomes nearly impossible. Thus I ask: How can you say the racer has no skill when they are constantly keeping 3 player cops 1 mile behind them for five minutes? How can they not have skill after running through 3 roadblocks, survive 3 helicopters throwing spikes at them,and manage to wreck 2 player cops with the same spike strip?

When I chase Barulan, I have to go through a Hurricane of obstacles from spike spikes, cop AI, traffic, tight corners, blinding helicopters along with his surprise attacks, his precision placed spike stripes, and constant monitoring of my health bar. That actually what I started calling him shortly after we met two years ago in July 2015. This guy has to be the most skilled racer I have ever met. While others are focusing on lap times and hitting 300 mph on a empty straight of interstate 4, Barulan averages between 180 and 200 mph around every corner. This guy can get from one side of the map to the another in under 2 minutes without turbo. When I asked him to use a Mustang so I could have a Mustang vs Camaro battle, he lasted 20 mins in fact it doesn’t matter what car he drives he going to make  the chase last on average 15 mins. That is what true skill to be able to drive any car on any track in any condition and still finish within the top three. Add in his very precision like attacks and constant changing in patterns and you have my greatest rival.

Need for Speed™ Rivals_20160322231411
Hurricane Barulan

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