R.I.P My Essential Book

10 years ago on June 6, 2007. I purchased a 500GB External Hard drive at Office Depot. The Western Digital Essential Book was what is was called and for 10 years it has been my warehouse of storage for my data. I got it for my up in coming years in college and while college is still an ongoing process, the time has come to close down the warehouse and move everything to a new location.

But before I bid a do, some stats and accomplishments

Technical specs:

  • $139.00
  • 500GB
  • 6in x 2in x 5in
  • TRUE plug n play technology “just plug it in and it’s ready to use”
  • No software packages into install, no accounts to make just plug in and start adding files
  • available on Amazon

Asheville High school 2004—2008

  • 308 Documents
  • 340 Picts
  • The Complete Ohello audible book

UNC of Asheville 2008–2012

  • 179 Documents
  • 8,531 Picts
  • 6 school video projects
  • 3 Websites created

AB-Tech 2012—Present

  • 13,121 files Total
  • 5 websites created
  • Win OS install files from XP to Win 7 64bit

Personal and recreation

  • 4,798 music files
  • 6,720 Picts
  • 161 Videos
  • 526 Documents
  • SimCity 4 games disk
  • SimCity 3000 games disk
  • Cities XL games disk
  • Spore games disk


  • It was a backup for my roommates at UNCA
  • Was the backup and installation disk for my desktop when it’s hard drive crashed
  • Was the external HD for 6 computers 3 desktops 3 laptops
  • May have travelled as far as the Bahamas during a cruise vacation

I have stored many memories in this hard drive. Things that I have forgotten of the years, people I have met, places I have been, and over the years I have come back to relive old memories.

Now it’s time to pass the touch to a brand new hard drive; a WD My Passport trilobite Drive with auto backup and password protection. I hoping to get another 10 years out of this one but we will see. Technology has advanced with great leaps since 2007 as the Trilobite is the new standard while cloud storage is all the rage however the build quality I feel has got less or rather has been made to fail after a year forcing us to buy the latest and greatest as soon as it comes out.


My 1TB Passport

Cloud storage is diffidently the future but I’m still going to be the dinosaur and stick with the physical hard drives. Sure eventually they will need to be replace and occasionally I will have to manually update my backups but is that really such a hassle?

These days we are told that WE the individual can’t secure or maintain our data but are instead are supposed to entrust our data…OUR pictures, OUR music, OUR memories, OUR lives in the hands of a strangers? If the internet is down you can’t access the files. If you make a password but can’t remember it do the files become lost forever lock away behind a security measure like they do on a Iphone? If the data storage place is hacked or gets taken out by a hurricane what happens to your data? If an Ad company pays them big bucks to share your data how will this affect you in your ability to store data? There are too many unknowns that can come from cloud storage and while most of these unknowns are highly unlikely, the unknowns for a physical hard drive still less.

Unless it’s been struck by lightning, or broken from a fall, or had a magnet next to it, physical hard drives are still very relivable. They will break over time because of their mechanical parts but they usually show signs of this decade long before you aew unable to transfer data. They don’t need internet to work, can run off a basic file explorer like DOS, can be operated by anyone, a relatively cheap to buy and replace, and as long as they have a current flowing through them will get data stored for years to come.

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