I’ve Been A Monstrous Mood Today

So today I woke up, got some breakfast, turn on Netflix but then got bore and then turn to the google app store. 5 hours later I finally put down my tablet and went to writing up my experiences. There six titles here each with their own unique spin on the same concept.

What concept you ask? Rampaging and it’s surprising just how different some developers will take this concept. Rampaging is not just about mindless destruction and mayhem you also need to add challenge and direction in order for it to be memorable. So here there are 6 rampaging monster titles for your mobile devices.

Werewolf simulator 3D

Werewolf Tycoon

Bear Simulator 2016

Miami Rex

Bear Sounds

Audi T-Rex

Werewolf simulator 3D

The name is pretty generic even with 3D attached to the end of it. Furthermore, the word simulator is so over used and often means the game is going to boring, lazy, and broken. But this one is none of that. You are a werewolf and you have to hunt down humans and golden coins. You can roam where ever you want and kill at will. In fact, you have tokill in over to keep your health up. There are timed missions where you have to kill a certain number of humans and as you progress the number of humans to kill goes up. The same is true from the gold coins although there’s no time limit on those missions. You have a sprinting ability and two claw attacks which help catch and kill your prey. When the mission is complete the werewolf howl victorious howl

What I like about this game is the free roaming, the people screaming and running away from you, and the collapsing of their bodies after you claw them to death. I also like the howling the werewolf does when you complete a mission.

What I don’t like about this game is the fixed camera that is always behind you at all times and the repetition nature of the game that comes about after around the 5th mission. In a freeroaming environment this fixed camera is hazardous not only because you can’t see the rock faces and buildings coming towards you but also when chasing down your prey, it makes it hard to catch them cause you can’t ever see where there going unless their directly in front of you. As for the repetitive nature, I’m all for being a mindless rampaging werewolf with unlimited victims to tear apart but without deeper context or some form of resistance, being a werewolf becomes very boring very fast.


Werewolf Tycoon

Again another generic name but Tycoon is slightly more unique simulator. Other than the name however the two couldn’t be more different. This is very good game and is something that’s more then a 30min distraction. Developed by Joe Williamson you are a sneaky werewolf who has found a city park in London where your human prey is easy to woof down. The goal is to eat as many or as few humans as possibly because if spotted and your prey is allowed to escape, those humans will tell local authorities who will send the army and its game over for our sneaky werewolf.

What I love most about this game is the detail storyline, the sneaky werewolf, the people you woof down, music and atmosphere, and retro graphics. So many games these are all about the realism in their graphic. “life like” they real say or “cinematic” yet developers have forgotten that sometimes realistic graphics aren’t always the best option.

When developers go the other direction and simplify the graphics and simplify the shapes our expectations are thrown off and we’re not sure what to expect. Add in so good story telling elements and a unique character and you have an engaging adventure. That’s what this game does. The werewolf here is still a furious beast but there’s also a lovable charm about him or her we don’t really know. You “can” customize the werewolf however you will only see those changes in the daylight which never happens in the game. To some this may seem like a cruel joke but I for one like it as it re-enforces the notion that you are a savage beast now and it doesn’t matter what you were in the daylight when the night falls and the moon rises you become the savage beast that then hunts and eats his fellow man.

A deep concept when you think about but there’s more because while you could just pop out and mindless eat people with a madden hunger there are consequences. The media start reporting on you and will they send photographers down to photograph you and when they have a photo the army in called and its game over. I like this concept as well as I’m a firm believer that you can’t just rampage without consequences or face some form of resistances.

This is one of the few games out there that takes a more realistic approach to the rampaging theme. You can’t fight the army when they show up for when you pop out you die. This forces you to decide what kind of werewolf you are going to be. Will you be a mindless monster or a patient hunter? Now there’s nothing wrong with being either one in fact you can be both but the point this knowledge of how it will end if caught makes every night a challenge.

The music and overall atmosphere have hunting tone about them. When the werewolf comes out the music picks up and become a head bopping jam of terror and the when the sun rises the eerie music returns and the city feels a little more empty. All the missions take place around midnight in a seemingly empty park with dimming lit street lamps and meandering pathways. The moon is full and you can hear the beast roaming around you. This creates an atmosphere of mysterious and unnerving tension especially if you are on the 12 night or more and you are just one photograph away from getting an army on you. Regardless the music and atmosphere is spot on and I would love to download the soundtrack.

Graphics are as I said simple geometric shapes similar to those found on the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. There’s also some unique shading and color pallets used to further the hunting atmosphere. The characters have been simplified and given a cartoonish look. The werewolf himself or herself is cartoonish not only in looks but also in personality and animation. When he is hiding behind a bush you can clearly see his ears sticking out of the leaves. When he comes out his arms are raised high and lunges forth like a Scooby doo monster. The eating animation is burry and very quick but is gets the message across and is very satisfying to watch. As for his prey each person has a different personality. Some coward in fear whiles other run for their lives. The business men especially are absolute cowards and run away in a blind rush yet the reports are unfazed and will stick around to get the perfect front pager.

Once last thing I want to mention is the story progression. We know how it ends if we get caught but the journey there is a very engaging experience. From conspiracy and rumors to full blow articles in newspapers the more nights you go out the richer the story becomes. When the business men drop their suitcase you can use the items within it to enhance you hunting. Slippery make you stealthier, coffee increase your speed, and gold suitcases offer extra lives furthering you need to keep your mugshot from those pesky reporters. Even when you do face the army the still make light of the werewolf’s demise offering a disguise that you to escape or go down like a champ.

Overall, for a mobile game in a genre that is either made to distract the kids for five minutes or rob you of your money, this title is a rare find that is both enjoyable and engaging. I play it for nearly two hours and still I want to go back and play it some more.


Bear Simulator 2016

I decided to see what the mobile game market was like for the bear which is my favorite animal and arguable my fursoma. Sadly there isn’t much there a lot of simulators, talking teddy bears, and card battling games. I downloaded this one because according to the images you could choose your bear and fight human hunters with other bears. Admitting the idea is a bit bland but base on the pictures it looked like some fun.

In actuality however, it’s all a lie. This is a run and dash game where you have to guild a bear along a linear path while avoiding obstacles. In this case those obstacles are moose for some reason and that’s it mainly because after just 2 mins I had had enough. They is a super dash that allows you to knock the moose out of the way and each bear comes with different stats of speed, agility, power, strength, etc. but the game play does not match what is being advertised in the app store.

This unfortunately is the market in the mobile gaming world as developers often just download unity assets and re-package them to be downloaded by millions without changing a single thing with the exception of the main character. At least it was free or was it as I had to give them access to my data.

Bottom line don’t bother with this title and just like online shopping read the reviews, the descriptions, and the fine print before downloading.


Miami Rex

From werewolves and bears to now T-Rexes. Like I said my mind has been very primal today. I blame the winter cold and boredom but in Miami the temperature is a toasty 70 degrees and the beaches are still full of hot honeys looking to catch some sun. It’s almost perfect in fact the only thing that would it even more perfect is if there was 13ft, armor plated, man eating T-Rex with two laser cannons mounted to his back tearing up the beach. That is the “plot “ of Miami Rex and is the “plot” for every Rex game that gametornado comes out with since 2015.

It’s mindless rampaging mix with challenging levels and unique missions. I discover these guys while playing their London Rex title where the hunger dino rampages through London and have love them every title since.

No other T-Rex and for that matter dinosaur game in the mobile market can match the joy you get and guiding this monstrosity through the streets. The Rex as a character has gone through many changes since his first introduction in LA Rex back in May of 2015. He was just a plain old T-Rex back then but now he has a spinney back, bigger teeth, horns on his head, and an even more malicious hunger for human meat. This glutton has terrorized cities from across the globe from LA and New York, to London and Paris. He’s even being down to Mexico and rage war with drug lords. Now he comes back to the states and to the beautiful coast of Miami. However he isn’t the only one terrorizing the masses as it would seem that Jaws has also come across the pacific to paint the Miami waters red. The two ton shark will leaps from the waters to rob the rex of his human prey but Jaws better be careful cause this Rex don’t like to share and doesn’t like leaving his belly empty.

You can eat the shark which in my mind is the ultimate sign of gluttony as well the ultimate sign predator dominance because when you can swallow a Great White whole I think it’s safe to say you are the king of the beast. But like Werewolf Tycoon it ain’t easy being king. Firstly despite his badass appearance the Dino is not bullet proof and it’s actual very easy to die if you’re not paying attention. This however has been a recurring trait in all his games which admittingly makes the later levels more challenging but also more rewarding when you complete them.

This game is not impossible to beat it just challenges you to be more thoughtful in your chaos. The rex is give armor enhancements and mounted machine guns which are both epic and helpful at the same time. But he is still not invincible and in heavy fire he will still fall. In London Rex he didn’t have machines guns and had to takedown a giant tactile helicopter using parked cars and his teeth. He had armor in the form of harden scales and some special abilities but you couldn’t just attack the helicopter blindly you had to strategized. To some that may ruins the experience and makes this game less of an distraction and more of GAME but when you destroy the chopper or in this case Meche-JAWS, the feeling afterwards is joyous and conquering. The kind a feeling that makes you wants to roar like the T-Rex in the 1st Jurassic Park.

Graphics are similar to an early 2000s side-scroller. The music is metal with head bobbing rifts and kickass baseline. The sound effects are arcade like with over the top explosions and point scores and while the dino is big, he is not a lumbering mass he moves with speed and agility. He’s small enough to fix inside tunnels and buildings yet imposing enough to make even the bravest soldier think twice before engaging.

If there are any complaints I have to mention the framerate drops from time to time though that may just be my tablet as it’s nearly 3 years old. Some of the ads now required you to wait 5 sec before skipping like on Youtube and compared to early titles this one has fewer levels and isn’t as difficulty or as integrate. In London Rex you had missions where you could climb up the building from the inside and fought a much heavier military force. Finally and this personal request the Rex while badass in his action I feel need a little more personality; a licking of the lip after a meal, a rubbing of the belly, or making a Jurassic roar at the end of the final mission. I know Building a video game is not is easy but I think these extra personality traits will further his character development.

Overall, this game is a great way to kill an hour or two. There’s a freeplay mode where the only goal is create as much chaos as possible.


Bear Sounds

This is cool toy of sound. If you ever want to hear a bear snarl, growl, grunt, or roar than this little app has it all. They say you can select these tracks for your ringtones and the pictures in the background are pretty cool too.


Audi T-Rex

So Audi has a now autonomous car called the RS-7 which my opinion on the whole autonomous car craze is NO! WE DO NOT WANT! The idea in noble and will no doubt keep people from dying on the freeway but I personally don’t want my car or the those around me driving themselves because by doing so we are turning the car into a bus and further eliminating mankind desire to survive. Fortunately in this Audi Commercial the driver is not a man nor a woman but a T-rex. If Miami Rex is the king of beast this one is the king of loses. He rose to frame after a YouTube video of him making a bed went viral but then fell into loserville like a rock falling from space. This Jurassic predator became very sad but fear not for Audi has just the right car. The RS 7 is one of the first fully autonomous cars on the market meaning it can be driven with or without you. For our T-Rex this is just perfect because those tiny arms could never reach the steering wheel and bulky body makes it impossible for him to reach the pedals. The RS 7 apparently has plenty of room for the rex and can handle his 1,000lbs bulky with ease.

Really this was just a laugh to watch and more than anything I want to see this rex get his own movie. But yes apparently Audi can accommodate everyone any the Jurassic.


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