What is Fair n Lawful?

What is FnL?

Fair and Lawful is my take on how to patrol in Red View County. My driving style is unlike any cop I have seen in the 3yrs of being in this department. Typically when I’m out on patrol I see my fellow officers driving the K:One our fastest car in the game and when a race appears on their radar, they move in like a high powered missile and when the dust settles somehow we have an arrest. Rather or not the suspect is still breathing it’s hard to say.

I like to call these war missiles Weaponizers because they only drive the fastest car with the most powerful weapons equipped and will kill you in 5secs. Worse they don’t care who or what is in their way and if they could, they would blow up half the county just to catch one racer.

I use to be one of them but now I see things differently. I use patients and superior driving to catch my suspects. I learn their driving patterns and counter them. I allow them make their own mistakes and when they are worn them down and realize they cannot escape they will bail out their cars and in to our cuffs. It’s not the most exciting method to capture a suspect and requires a great deal of skill and restraint to master but since I started this new way of chasing, my pursuits have been more fulfilling and at time more intense than any chase done by the weaponizers.


How Do You It?

1.       Analysis Your Target Before Engaging

Before firing the missile analysis your racer and then decide how to pursue. If suspect is driving a Mustang that shouldn’t require three choppers and a road covered in spikes. Not every racer out is Razor Clarance from Most Wanted 2006 in fact many of the racers on our streets are mere joy riders looking to show off their new ride.

2.       Driving Ability Over Weapon Use

NO ONE likes getting taken out in 5secs and if it continues players rage quit. It’s why I became a cop because I got tire of never being able to enjoy my time on the road. Back in the day there was a progress of cop intensive. This was the purpose of the heat levels. At level 1, cops treated you like a joy rider who just barrowed his dad’s Mercedes to show off to your friend. At level 3, you were considered dangerous and will require a reasonable amount of force to detain. At level 5 however the kid groves were off and you were now the most wanted criminal in Rockport.

NFS Most Wanted 2006
NFS Most Wanted 2006

I continue to follow this measure of force holding off my weapons until their heat level reaches 4 or 5. If however the racer attacks me as an attempt to take me out I will suspend this restraint.

I have found that often the best weapon is in fact the police cruisers as their heavier and can take a lot more abuse than racer’s very light and highly tuned ride. The PIT is still a great tool even in this high tech world. Ramming and pushing a suspect into a wall does massive damage and a rolling roadblock slows and distracts the driver long enough for other unit to surround them. Being able a superb driver is crucial in this department.

It’s true that most racers in the game are simple joy riders but there are some that know how to drive and are more dangerous, when encountering them. These racers can dodge and maneuver around obstacles like roadblocks, spike stripes, slower units and oh course traffic. They also know a thing or two about cop maneuvers and can dance around us and be gone in seconds. These are the suspect I chase after and If you can’t handling the cruiser at high speed and avoid taking damage then these racers will leave you behind.

3.       Being Fair but Lawful

It’s in the title and that what’s all about. People like to have fun when their play online but often times they aren’t allowed to because weaponizers kill them too quickly and will not stop until they rage quit. This unfortunately is the culture of online gaming and I don’t think it’s will ever go away. Without the person seating next to you you’ll will never see that person’s frustration and even when you hear their rage on the mic they is still no consequence because they could be from the other side of the planet so why should you stop? It’s not like you’ll ever see them on the streets.

This is the main reason why I play the way I do. I want you to have fun and in truth I want to get away because you should be able to. I don’t need to prove that I’m the best cause there isn’t a racer I can’t kept up with. I already know what I’m capable of but when I’m chasing you, I want you to show me what you can do. I’ll let you get the repair station, let you attack me, and when you crash I won’t Bitch Bust you.




For 3yrs I dealt with weaponizers back on the streets of Seacrest in Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2010. Every match was the same, in the super class it was always the Lamborghini Superleggera VS the Lamborghini Superleggera. In the Exotic class it was the the Lamborghini Elemento VS wait for it…the Lamborghini Elemento. Both racer and cop over used their EMP and then cover the road in spikes. By the third year I created a mental list of all the over used strategies and car choices and by the end of that year I couldn’t take it anymore. Matches became not a test of skill but of button mashing. If you cross the line you were viewed as a coward but if you stayed and fought you were a chomp.

Rivals and its’ freeroaming allows me to take back control and deliver a unique way to play and interact with players. I wish it had a more structured multiplayer allowing the host of the room to start events that the whole room can participate in rather than me having to find players to chase. Such power would bring the room together, give players more reason to be competitive, and it allows for stronger friendships to be forged.


Top 5 Favorite Chases

1.       Gemini

2.       Wolf-pack VS Annihilator

3.       Smash Running

4.       Wolves on the Hunt

5.       Betting Man

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