New Channel Trailer

Earning My Racing Stripes

A New Beginning. This is the start of something I have been wanting to do but was afraid to go through with it.  But this is going to happen now. So here is the new channel trailer for my YouTube. Starting Next month and continue on I will be putting together an episode dedicated to one car. For September that car is the Aston Martin v8 Vantage a car that up till recently was just a “Trophy piece” to put in the garage. I will will share with you it’s history while also giving you my insight because unlike an other supercar Aston Martins are a special breed. Afterwards I’ll put the car through it’s paces and see if I can earn the stripes of honor to drive it..

This is the format I would like to follow during these episodes. I feel the racing game genre has turn the car into a spreadsheet of stats and performance charts. It’s history and identity has been boil down to its horsepower its and its 0-60mph score. As a result players no longer driving their dream car they are merely driving to score well on the leader boards.

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