Site Updates

It’s been around six months since I posted here and a lot has changed in those six months. New skills, New projects, and loads of personal improvements. This post is going to be a sort of brochure’s guild to the content updates I’ve made now that I’m back.

Cars That Impress (articles)

Aston Martin V12 Vantage

It’s the name of the blogs header and yet I have done nothing with it to show what that means. At the time I wanted to do articles about car related topics such the automatism car debut and truth to told I still do. and yet again I feel I must make another empty promise by saying that I will at last post the first of these articles soon. The difference this time however is I now have a resources to aid me and help me make my points. So the first Cars That Impress article will be about the Aston Martin Vantage pacifically the V8 and V12. I hope to include a video showcasing the Aston and all it’s characteristics.

Gaming (broadcasting and beyond)


This has become the center piece of my life. I love broadcasting the games I play and I love even more editing the raw footage into 8 to 10min videos to be view on YouTube. Over the past six months I have focusing my efforts to put out every month five of the most Unique and Exciting Player Pursuits while playing Need for Speed Rivals. It’s a Top 5 list that happens at the end of every month with the goal of showing viewers the Challenging and Unpredictable world of the High Speed Chase. NFS Rivals is the one game where you can see the fierce rivalries between players without having to know thing about the game.

I’ve had a good run with the Top 5 and will continue the series but now I have something new I wanna try. while playing a digital copy of the crew for the Xbox One I discover a new way to play through the career mode and possibly the online mode. instead of filling the garage with all the cars but only use five of them to compete, I’m forcing myself to use only five cars to beat the game and participate the online community . This allows for a more consist viewing for the audience watching and allows me to true master a car’s ability. I’ll share more about this new philosophy as time goes on and I hope to combine this concept with the Car That Impress articles.

Creature Logs

My First Character
Nicky Nightmare

Six months have passed but my imagination continues to grow. The Creature Log page has gotten and huge update now detailing The Big Four my first character creations. Their origin stories have change in evolved over the course of nearly 2 decades. It’s true I still keep the imaginary creatures I created back when I was a kid in my head and now there is one who I feel is very near to becoming a book you buy on the shelves at Barnes & Nobles. See if you can guess when viewing  the Creature Logs page.

More Posting More Expressing

Finally there is the matter of the future. Life right now is tough as I enter the LAST two classes of my education career. When December arrives I will have me Associates in Computer Science Web Technologies. After that it’s on to the career job and a better life yet I do hope to continue this blog and my expressing of my thoughts cause for too long I have kept them to myself. So while I can’t promise a regular scheduled of post know that I will try to post whenever I can.




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