Cop Vs Racer Poster

NFS Gathering Jan 24 Evening

Gaming is my addiction and when I find a game that allows me to spend hours playing with my friends online, my love for that game goes up to 11. Need For Speed Rivals is one such game and This Sunday after 5pm me and my friends are going to play a few rounds of Cop Vs Racer in what I like to call a NFS Gathering. The last time we did this was back in September for the 1st time actually and it turned out to be a great: lots of great chases and conversations.

This time around I’m hoping for more of the same and I’m told there may be some new boys joining our little group so it should be exciting. Multiplayer is always better when you have human players and even better when you know the person on the other side.

As always I’ll be broadcasting the event on Twitch at Later that week I’ll be highlighting the best chases and moments. So come watch and join in on the fun.

Cop Vs Racer Poster
NFS Gathering Poster

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