Site Revisions

It’s been since September since my last post and I do apologizes for the those who have been stopping by and wondering where I had gone. Things have gotten busy since Sept and a lot has come forth since the fall. I hope to be more frequent in my post here. I only have one class left before graduation and then I start my career in multimedia.

First foremost as you can see the blog has a new look and a new feel. it also has a new title Cars That Impress which actually started as a side project I came up with back during the summer. Cars are my love and I love to drive them especially the sports cars. my own car is a 2003 Golf GTI which has been the best and most comfortable car I have ever brought. I like to think that Cars are our last great freedom in this world they can take us anywhere and can whatever we want them to be. No car is the same not even the same model. Once they leave the dealer they are forever changed. Everyone can remember their first and if our cars could talk the stories they would tell could be it’s own reality tv show. This blog is sorta like that where I share with the world what the car is, what it means to us, and why we love driving them so much.

I’m going to start blogging on certain car related topics starting with the question are autonomous cars  the future? I personally feel the whole automated car thing is a bit intrusive and kinda an insult to the driver. Safety is important but have absolute safety I feel is bad for our species. Again I’ll explain this opinion with more in depth research and facts in the upcoming weeks.

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