Police, Scythes, and Lap Times

Gaming is still a big part of my life and I continue to broadcast on Twitch my various adventures. For Halloween I broadcast my playthrough of Darksiders 2 now of PlayStation 4. This was a game I deeply enjoyed by on the Xbox 360 and one that restored my love for single player adventures. Right now I’m back at the beginning playing the Apocalypse Mode which is the same as Hard Mode but with all the skills and weapons I gain from the first time around. Fair and Lawful the crowd favorite is still chasing down racers hard and strong with new rivals and surprises at every turn. The Amateur to Pro series is making a come back after a two month vacation. Drive Club has made great improvements and continues to improve. I also now have an Xbox One and have been reunited with Forza and it’s track racing.

I have created a game channel logo and have added info cards to my twitch when I’m not online so visitors can read up on me. I got a new mic so watchers can hear me better and I’m getting more and comfortable with talking while playing my games. Overall my Twitch has been my main focus and I truly have come to love broadcasting.

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