Meet Nicky Nightmare


My First Character
Nicky Nightmare

Nickolas Thorn is a 16yrs old sophomore at Sun Dale High who has a short temper and is often getting into fights with the school bully Ryan Maxi. He prefers to be call Nicky and has been on the honor roll for since middle school.  His friends Derek and Josh hangout with him just about afternoon after school playing video games and exploring the neighborhoods of the suburbs. Then tragic stuck as Nicky’s dad was killed in a car crash one night. The event brought his life to a halt and though is has been over a year since his father’s death and though he sees consoling regularly, the grief still affects him.  When provoked has leash out in violent outburst destroying his room and threaten to fight with his teachers. His psychologist has been working to better handle these outbursts but the process is slow meanwhile his mother has moved on and married his new step dad Richard Owens. He’s a personal trainer from a local gym and is all about fitness and to  hell with book smarts. He constantly pushed Nicky to drop his books and join him at the gym to find a girl and become more “manly”. This pressure only provokes his inner rage more and lessens his desires to go home. He often spends his afternoons out in the streets away from everyone. punching trash cans in alleyways, and running across rooftops.

Last September, a Thug named ICE invited Nicky into his gang to “hang with the boys” at burger shop. Since then Nicky has regularly visited the gang as a means to calm down. Ryan however is also part of the same gang and is muscled enforcer and would continue his constant bullying of the boy were it not for his leader stepping in protecting him. This fall however ICE has  gone missing. Really he has been seen since the beginning of the summer . No one knows where he has gone or even if he was arrested but the loss of their leader has the gang fighting amongst themselves allowed Ryan to takeover and now claim to be the new leader.  As a result Nicky is now at the mercy of this bully and is force to now work for the gang by stealing, robbing, and running from the law. Has grades are slipping and teachers are call his mom with concerns. He has stop going to therapy and his friends have become distance except for has best friend Derek who regularly offers his house to chill at for the afternoon. Nicky however remains defiant and continue to work out his problems on his own yet with each beat down he receives from Ryan, the harder it’s becoming  to contain his rage. So when he finds a strange device that can turns him into a rampaging giant one can only wonder how long will Nicky be able to resist the temptation to become a monster and stomp out his tormentor?

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